Monday, September 17, 2007

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Venus Retrograde

Venus went retrograde on Friday. My goal for the next month and a half is to carefully track the events of this retrograde period. I plan to be a sort of astrological Hercules Poirot, a bloodhound on the scent of Venus, tracking her backwards motion with impeccable attention.

On Friday evening I spent time with two old friends. Despite the traditional caution that social events may be unpleasant during Venus Retrograde, I actually had a wonderful time and felt very social indeed.

I wondered if it was because they were "old" friends. Friends from the past so to speak, and this would make sense with the retrograde.

However this theory was dashed on Saturday when I hung out with a new friend and had another most excellent social outing, spending a very happy frolicking time at Limontour Beach, poking around Inverness, dinner at my favorite Fairfax Mexican restaurant, Pancho Villa's followed by a new French film-"My Best Friend", at the Rafael.

Honestly, this was the best social weekend I've had in months. So make sense of that Monsier Poirot......

Anyone who happens to read this who cares to write in with their own accounts of Venus Retrograde adventures is strongly encouraged. I'm particularly interested in encounters with old lovers, misadventures in dating, bad haircuts and fashion mistakes.

May your Venus retrograde get off to as good a start as mine.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shiny Happy People

When we left off yesterday, my sidekick Deborah Oak and I were dreaming awake the Power of Compassion in the craft, ready to embark on a Wizard of Oz adventure in beautiful British Columbia.

Spirit Rock in Woodacre is a Buddhist Retreat center conveniently located about 10 minutes away from my new home in Fairfax. The Buddhists practically invented compassion, and so I've began to regularly attend their Monday night "Dharma Talks" and meditation evenings. I'm aiming to absorb the essence of compassionate wisdom through my pores, and distill this perfume into a form fitting for The Wizard of Oz and other witching ways.

Recently on Dharma Talk night at Spirit Rock the teacher talked about relaxing. She described all the different areas of life where it is possible to relax: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. She talked about the mechanics of relaxing into ourselves, into our lives and our feelings. About how to let what exists in the present just exist.

As I've taken this in over the last couple of weeks, allowing myself, as the teacher advised, to let my inner voice remind me throughout the day to "relax", dropping my shoulders, breathing in more deeply, I've become more aware of my life just how it is now, here, in the present moment.

Gratitude is a popular concept right now. Being grateful has taken on a sort of aura of coolness. Experts from every conceivable discipline are prescribing gratitude as the ultimate remedy for a host of problems. From the local raw food restaurant "Cafe Gratitude", to The Secret and Oprah Winfrey, everyone's rooting for the gratittude attitude.

Though I can be a little snarky about these kinds of sheep-like mentality themes, I'm also ambitious to become more of what Deborah Oak Cooper calls a "shiny happy person".

This past Sunday, I sat in the joyful, bursting, bright and colorful loopiness that is the lovingly created living room of the aforementioned Deborah Oak Cooper, surrounded by my Independent Craft Teaching sisters, a newfound group of Reclaiming affiliated individuals, and a menagerie of roaming cats and dogs, including my sweetie, Sweetie.

The occasion was a salon concerning that energy body we call Reclaiming. "What is Reclaiming?" was the topic. When the Independent Craft Teacher /Good Hair Guild, et al first dreamed this salon up, one other Sunday last year, I thought the title wasn't sexy enough, and lobbied hard for "Sex, Drugs and High Fashion", or something to that effect, yet simplicity did seem to be the key, and the questioning, ended up being (as usual), more dynamic than the answer, as the questioning is what brought me home.

So today, on the path to "shiny, happy, personhood", during the Aries season, I celebrate and give thanks for the beauty and spark of new birth. I celebrate this pulse of life arising from the community home I thought I'd said goodbye to.

As I practice the art of compassion towards myself, relaxing into what is right in front of me, I understand how deeply I've missed this sense of place, and how grateful (yes grateful), I am to be returning home.

Returning to Reclaiming

“We shall not cease from exploration/And the end of all our exploring/Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time” T.S. Eliot

Reclaiming entered my life my second year of college, when a visiting friend insisted I read the Spiral Dance, going so far as to hand over her well-worn copy, and ordering me to read the first chapter. As I read, I had that experience that commonly occurs when you find your spiritual path, the feeling of returning to a home long forgotten.

Soon after reading that first fateful chapter, I discovered that the Reclaiming collective was based an hour away from Sonoma State, where I attended school, and furthermore, offered classes and had a yearly Spiral Dance. This was 1988, and I was 18 years old.

Fast forward almost 20 years, 20 years of changing homes, relationships and jobs. The one constant throughout this time was my involvement in Reclaiming. As I moved through the ranks from volunteer and student to priestess and teacher, my passion and excitement for Reclaiming ebbed and flowed, evolving and deepening as my spiritual path took the usual zig-zaggy twists and turns.

As the SF Bay Reclaiming Community has grown increasingly polarized over the last several years, I became more and more fed up with the direction Reclaiming was going, and finally, with sadness and frustration I took to announcing to whoever would listen that I was divorcing Reclaiming, but keeping the same last name. Fed up with being shunned, ignored and marginalized, my spiritual center for the first time in years lacked a community focus, and I resigned myself to going back to semi-solitary practice. Honoring spirit alone, and when possible, in the good company of my witchy compadres and fellow "Reclaiming Refugees".

Then my Feri initiation opened me up to Hinduism in a completely unexpected way, and yoga, Ayurveda and mantras claimed my attention, a new love affair with a surprising spiritual partner entering my life from an unseen direction.

But, throughout it all, part of me has been whispering, “you’re still a witch, you’re still a witch”. With curiosity I’ve been observing my unfolding Hindu/Pagan self, wondering where this new road would lead me.

I followed the Hindu deities right into a study of Jyotish astrology, and got my chart read by my teacher. He confirmed that there was a signature in my chart that meant “tree spirit worshipper”, or, as he said, “basically this means you’re a witch”.

Around this time, after a five year hiatus from witchcamp I was unexpectedly asked to teach at BC Witchcamp, with the story of The Wizard of Oz as the working for the year.

My dear sister/friend Oak was also asked to be on the team, and together we embarked on exploring the book that shaped both of our childhood’s with our adult witches eye.

“Compassion”, came to us both simultaneously, as the place we wanted to start the story from, and so our path developed, a weave of of Power and Compassion and their place in the craft........

Tune in tomorrow for the "Return to Reclaiming Part II"

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mercury Retrograde on Valentine's Day Offering

This Quiz:

Is my offering to Mercury, who went Retrograde on the day of love....

The Five Languages of Love

My Love Language makes perfect sense to my Virgo self with Acts of Service at number 8. Must be my Moon in Leo's house that so much likes to receive gifts:)

Your primary love languages are probably
Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts.

Complete set of results
Acts of Service: 8
Receiving Gifts: 8
Physical Touch: 6
Quality Time: 6
Words of Affirmation: 2

Friday, February 02, 2007


The Way the Forest Shelters

I know about love the way the fields know about light,
the way the forest shelters,

the way an animal's divine raw desire seeks to unite with
whatever might please its soul-without a single
strange thought
of remorse.

There is a powerful delegation in us that
lobbies every moment for

How will you ever find peace
unless you yield to love

the way the gracious earth
does to our hand's


Monday, January 15, 2007

Post-Holiday Saturn Opposing my Moon Blues

I feel like a should have a badge entitled "I survived a month-long holiday visit with my mother".

I think that's all I want to say about it for now.....

The moon's growing skinny again, working its way back to new. So admirable I think, the
way it goes along every month, growing and shrinking, same as always, but always different.

My quiet little dog is all better from her rather serious bout with pancreatitis. So weird to watch a being I love puking and dry heaving and miserable, made me think about those who were worriedly watching me during my endometriosis related vomiting episodes. Not fun....

Sort of lying around waiting for something to happen. I'm coming off the tail end of a bad week of cramps, and though my mind is busy wanting to make all kinds of things happen, my body is not cooperating. The disconnect is challenging as always, and maybe that's the point, as I try so hard to learn how to be patient with it all....

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Magician Landing

I'm not going to write a lot about how I haven't blogged for awhile, because not only is it obvious if anyone were to look at the dates (which I can't imagine anyone would spend a whole lot of time doing frankly...), but I'd rather write about more interesting things....

It may be too pat to describe the last six months or so as the fool transforming into the magician, but it has been magically and uncannily this way, as I find myself manifesting like crazy, though not without stress and a variety of petty and sometimes not so petty challenges...

First and foremost SWEETIE:

Thank you Diana's Grove for bringing this pure essence of love disguised as a dog into my life.

We have a good time together every day, what more can I say....

Life lately is: Alis natural clay paint, dry rot, plumbers, electricians and handy men, learning to use a drill and other tools. This strange new world of home improvement is fascinating and mundane at the same time.

My new life came about as I took over the guardianship of my family home, an interesting and karmic job involving the sorting of piles upon piles of stuff, like Psyche sorting the seeds, I've been immersed in the details of seperating what is valuable and should be saved, and what needs to be cleared and let go of.

Living in a new town, with a new dog, a new house and creating a new life. Lately I think a lot about how I can feed my roots, my foundations, my past, my old friends and connections, as I branch out and grow towards the future and the continuing fast paced whirl of transformation.